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Bas Rutten Street Self Defense

Bas Rutten shows you how to defend yourself in real world situations.

Hapkido Demo

Demonstration of hapkido by 70 year old Grandmaster Yoon Sae Kwon.

Monster in the Closet

Funny commercial for Tiger Schulmann's Karate.

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Uechi Ryu Karate Do - Video
Added 3/27/2007 by Eric Moss
A short documentary featuring Uechi-ryu Karate-do. Part 2 of a documentary called Karate styles from Okinawa.

Kalari Payattu: Martial Art of India - Video
Added 3/26/2007 by Eric Moss
Kalari is possibly a very tiny and surviving fragment of Indian martial art called 'Varma Kalai'. Some consider Varma to be the mother of all martial arts, which spread across Asia through Hinduism and Buddhism.

James Theros spars with Bill Superfoot Wallace - Video
Added 3/23/2007 by Eric Moss
James Theros goes one on one with the legend, and lives! If the time stamp is correct, this video was taken 5 days after his 50th birthday.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fujita - Video
Added 3/22/2007 by Eric Moss
Fujita almost knocks Fedor down and out. But Fedor finishes off Fujita like a true champ that he is, with a mean rear naked choke.

Pencak Silat Documentary - Video
Added 3/22/2007 by Eric Moss
Short documentary about the Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat. Includes several demonstrations.

World's Best Tricks Volume 3 - Video
Added 3/21/2007 by Eric Moss
Compilation video of martial arts tricks.

Hong-Man Choi vs. Mighty Mo - Video
Added 3/20/2007 by Eric Moss
Complete K-1 bout from the 2007 Grand Prix in Yokohama, Japan.

Japanese 101: Chapter 2 - Video
Added 3/19/2007 by Eric Moss
Chapter 2 of the Japanese 101 lesson describing basic Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji

Dan Gong Fu Hu Quan - Video
Added 3/16/2007 by Eric Moss
Master Huang Daxiong demonstrates one part of the "taming the tiger" set and its applications.

Breaking board with fingertips
Added 3/14/2007 by Eric Moss
Sensei Fred van de Vijver, 7th dan Isshinryu Karate, breaking a board with his finger tips. Isshinryu Netherlands.

Rolling Knee Bar - Video
Added 3/14/2007 by Eric Moss
This is a clip from a training camp in Belgrade in 2004. Hope you enjoy!

Sports Karate vs. Traditional Fighting – Why They Evolved The Way They Did And Employing Both
Added 3/13/2007 by Dr. Jason Armstrong
Sports Karate vs. traditional fighting – is your Dojo’s curriculum working these synergistically? Why each evolved the way they did and why analysis makes them synergistic.

Abu Dhabi Combat Club - Video
Added 3/13/2007 by Eric Moss
Highlight video of the ADCC from various years. Many of the world's best grapplers all together in one place.

Asashoryu Championship Victories - Video
Added 3/8/2007 by Eric Moss
Compilation video of Asashoryu Akinori's winning bouts for 20 yusho.

UFC 68 Preview - Video
Added 3/2/2007 by Eric Moss
UFC 68: THE UPRISING! Randy Couture will come out of retirement to challege Tim Sylvia for the World Heavyweight Championship. Matt Hughes faces Chris Lytle, and Rich "Ace" Franklin will take on Jason MacDonald.

How To Explain Karate Kata To Beginner Students
Added 3/1/2007 by Stephen Irwin
Kata training is at the heart of karate - but how do you explain kata to a beginner or non-martial artists?

Okinawan Karate - Video
Added 3/1/2007 by Eric Moss
Five minute trailer for a documentary about Okinawan karate. Footage from masters of Gojuryu, Shorinryu, and Uechiryu karate.

Masahiko Kimura: short documentary - Video
Added 2/28/2007 by Eric Moss
This is a short documentary about Masahiko Kimura. In MMA, the reverse arm entanglement lock (ude garami) is often called the Kimura because of his victory over Helio Gracie.

Don Nagle Interview Part 2 - Video
Added 2/26/2007 by Eric Moss
Part 2 of an in depth interview with American karate pioneer, Grandmaster Don Nagle (1938-1999). The sound is not very good.

Jeremy Horn vs Forrest Griffin - Video
Added 2/16/2007 by Eric Moss
Championship bout of the lightheavyweight tournament at the 2003 International Fighting Championships.

Judo Nage No Kata Demonstration - Video
Added 2/15/2007 by Eric Moss
Demonstration of judo's Nage-no-kata from: TORI Doba Yoshihisa (6th Dan) and UKE Nishimoto Minoru (6th Dan)

One Inch Punch Documentary - Video
Added 2/13/2007 by Eric Moss
A short documentary on the One Inch Punch. Interviews with Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun instructors. Discover more on what Bruce Lee demonstrated years ago. Shot and edited by Victor Tran.

Worlds Ten Best Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Fighters
Added 2/9/2007 by John Murray
This is my personal ranking of the worlds best Mixed Martial Arts heavyweight fighters.

World Combat League KO's - Video
Added 2/8/2007 by Eric Moss
Compilation video of the best knockouts in Chuck Norris' World Combat League.

Frank Shamrock Avoid the Takedown Part 1 - Video
Added 2/7/2007 by Eric Moss
Frank Shamrock describing strategies to avoid takedowns.

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126-150 of 248 articles

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