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Bas Rutten Street Self Defense

Bas Rutten shows you how to defend yourself in real world situations.

Hapkido Demo

Demonstration of hapkido by 70 year old Grandmaster Yoon Sae Kwon.

Monster in the Closet

Funny commercial for Tiger Schulmann's Karate.

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SPEAR System applications for control tactics
Added 12/14/2007 by Eric Moss
Some concepts from Tony Blauer for working SPEAR and control tactics, courtesy of

Sambo Technique - Half Guard Leg Locks
Added 12/7/2007 by Eric Moss
Vadim Kolganov, Master of Sport displays leg lock variations from the half guard position .

Wushu San Da at Shi Cha Hai, Beijing, China.
Added 12/7/2007 by Eric Moss
Professional san da players sparring at Shi Cha Hai Elite Sports School in Beijing, China.

Art of WarŪ FC VIII Highlight Reel - MMA China
Added 12/5/2007 by Eric Moss
Here are highlights from Art of WarŪ Fighting Championship VIII, held on September 22, 2007 in Beijing, China. In this event, top Chinese fighters, Ao Hai Lin, Dai Shuang Hai, Zhang Tie Quan, and He Peng return to take on a fierce foreign contingent. Als

Taekwon-Do ITF Self Defense
Added 12/4/2007 by Eric Moss
Vintage footage of ITF Taekwon-Do self defense techniques.

Bart Vale Black Belt Full Contact Fighter Of The Year 2006
Added 11/30/2007 by Eric Moss
Bart Vale set up the International Shootfighting Association to spread the system through affiliated gyms and martial arts schools throughout the United States and Europe. Currently, his ISFA (International Shootfighting Association) has more than 70 mem

Kimbo Slice vs. Ray Mercer
Added 11/16/2007 by Eric Moss
Former world champion boxer Ray Mercer takes on mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice.

2004 Olympic Judo Highlights
Added 11/15/2007 by Eric Moss
These are clips of scoring judo throws from the 2004 Olympic games. Background music by Whiplash (classic metal).

Art of WarŪ FC VIII - Seong Hee Kim vs Zhang Tie Quan
Added 11/6/2007 by Eric Moss
Art of WarŪ Fighting Championship 8: WORLDS COLLIDE. Beijing, China. This 72kg bout pairs Seong Hee Kim (29-13-2) of South Korea versus Zhang Tie Quan (6-0-0) of China.

Midori Kenji 5th World Champion Kyokushin Karate
Added 10/5/2007 by Eric Moss
Midori Kenji 5th World Champion Kyokushin Karate in 1991.

BJJ Instruction: Rolling Triangle from Side Control
Added 10/5/2007 by Eric Moss
Mark Massey teaches a Rolling Triangle Choke from Side Control Gracie Barra Pocatello

Swisstricks Training Sampler 2006
Added 9/21/2007 by Eric Moss
Swisstricks Training Sampler 2006 - composed by Micha Hurni

Shootfighting Intro
Added 9/21/2007 by Eric Moss
A Shootfighting introduction video, shootfighting is a complete fighting system. A unique Martial Arts style in itself, combining Muay Thai Kickboxing and total body Submission Grappling. The video includes an introduction to all of the following self-de

Tony Blauer on Pre-Contact Cues
Added 9/12/2007 by Eric Moss
Tony Blauer discussing with a seminar how subtle cues given off by the bad guy can be incorporated into training.

Tony Blauer on Training for the Ambush
Added 9/4/2007 by Eric Moss
Tony Blauer speaking about the training theories which spawned the SPEAR System, including the place which instinctive and natural motions have. Originally posted to

Kurt Angle's Olympic Gold Medal Win
Added 9/4/2007 by Eric Moss
1996 Olympic Summer Games from Atlanta, GA. Finals. USA's Kurt Angle vs. Iran's Abbas Jadidi (more)

Heung Pak Wing pad training clips
Added 8/30/2007 by Eric Moss
Heung is one of the best Muay Thai fighter in Hong Kong. He was the champion of 2002 IMTA world cup 67kg group B.

Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture - Ground Fighting
Added 8/28/2007 by Eric Moss
In this video: Guard passes, escapes, single leg finishes, arm drag sweep, single to gramby, and...

UFC 75 - Preview
Added 8/27/2007 by Eric Moss
Preview footage of the upcoming fight between Charles Mathis and Michael Boucher.

Muhammad Ali in Early MMA fight
Added 8/22/2007 by Eric Moss
Muhammad Ali versus professional Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. This is actually a bit silly. Inoki was not allowed to punch because he didn't wear gloves, and just days before the fight it was decided that he wasn't allowed to wrestle either. Since In

Aikido - Old Footage of Founder
Added 8/21/2007 by Eric Moss
This is old black and white footage of Aikido including demonstrations by Aikido's founder Morihei Ueshiba.

Glima - Icelandic wrestling
Added 8/17/2007 by Eric Moss
British newsreel footage from 1932 of an Icelandic Glima (belt-wrestling) tournament. Glima dates back at least to the 12th Century and is Iceland's national style of amateur Folk wrestling.

Masatoshi Nakayama - Karate Do - Shotokan
Added 8/16/2007 by Eric Moss
Old footage of Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama demonstrating the techniques of Shotokan Karate Do. The Japanese name for each technique is given in both kanji and romaji. Narration includes history of Shotokan Karate and the Japan Karate Association.

Shannon Lee Interview
Added 8/15/2007 by Eric Moss
Interview with Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon regarding the Martial Arts and the legacy of her father.

Wudang Demo
Added 8/14/2007 by Eric Moss
Demonstration of Wudang Wushu. Over 50 minutes long.

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176-200 of 377 articles

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