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Bas Rutten Street Self Defense

Bas Rutten shows you how to defend yourself in real world situations.

Hapkido Demo

Demonstration of hapkido by 70 year old Grandmaster Yoon Sae Kwon.

Monster in the Closet

Funny commercial for Tiger Schulmann's Karate.

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Dolph Lundgren Demo - Video
Added 11/22/2006 by Eric Moss
Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, giving a demonstration in 1992 with his Sensei Brian Fitkin. Dolph Lundgren is a 3rd Dan in Kyokushin karate, and was the European heavyweight champion in 1981 and 1982.

Book Review: Floor Fighting by Marc "Animal" MacYoung
Added 11/21/2006 by Shawn Kovacich
Once again, Marc gives you a no-holds barred look at the reality of fighting and surviving on the street. This book focuses on the subject of fighting on the ground, which as most of us know, is where the vast majority of fights end up. As with all of hi

Dan Inosanto: Trapping and Armbars - Video
Added 11/20/2006 by Eric Moss
Dan Inosanto, former student of Bruce Lee, demonstrates armbars and trapping.

Wushu Demo - Video
Added 11/17/2006 by Eric Moss
Wushu stylist doing a form. Good speed and flexibility.

Mas Oyama - Video
Added 11/13/2006 by Eric Moss
Footage of a young Mas Oyama training. He even has hair in this one.

Bas Rutten vs. Maurice Smith - Video
Added 11/10/2006 by Eric Moss
Complete fight between Bas Rutten and kickboxing/UFC champion Maurice Smith.

Bruce Lee Compilation - Video
Added 11/3/2006 by Eric Moss
Various clips of Bruce Lee in action. Includes sparring, breaking, 1-inch punch, 2-finger push ups, Chi Sao, and demonstration of raw speed and techniques.

Chuck Liddell vs Allistair Overeem - Video
Added 11/3/2006 by Eric Moss
PRIDE-Total Elimination 2003. Chuck Liddel in the first round of a PRIDE tournament.

Shihan Val Mijailovic in Action - Video
Added 10/30/2006 by Eric Moss
Short videography about Gosoku Ryu Shihan Val Mijailovic. Great footage of older tournaments where "light" contact was allowed and pads were not.

Kyokushin Karate - Video
Added 10/26/2006 by Eric Moss
Kyokushin Karate 7th World Open Tournament. Tokyo, Japan.

Southern Praying Mantis and Application - Video
Added 10/25/2006 by Eric Moss
Demonstration of the Southern Mantis Style with Henry Pu Yee and his students.

Hapkido Demo - Video
Added 10/12/2006 by Eric Moss
Demonstration of hapkido by 70 year old Grandmaster Yoon Sae Kwon.

Helio Gracie vs. Kimura Masahiko - Video
Added 10/11/2006 by Eric Moss
This is THE fight. Many martial artists now call the reverse ude garami (arm entanglement lock) the Kimura because of this fight. Video includes slow-motion and interview with Helio.

Cung Le vs. Mike Altman
Added 10/10/2006 by Eric Moss
Sanshou legend Cung Le makes his MMA debut versus Mike Altman at Strike Force 2006.

Bas Rutten Street Self Defense
Added 10/6/2006 by Eric Moss
Real world self defense instruction from former King of Pancrase Bas Rutten. Not only is he a great fighter, he is also quite funny.

Shuai Chiao Police Officer Training - Video
Added 10/5/2006 by Eric Moss
A class of police officers training Shuai Chiao techniques at Central Police University, Taiwan. This is an older video so the quality is not very good.

Increasing The Power of Your Roundhouse Kick
Added 10/4/2006 by Rick Kirkham
I've had martial artists and other fighters hire me to analyze their punches and kicks and I've even received a video to analyze a frisbee throw due to my background in kinese, movement education, exercise phys and martial arts. One of the most misunders

The Ultimate Warrior - Video
Added 10/4/2006 by Eric Moss
Vintage video clip from the documentary The Ultimate Warrior. Features John Davis, Robert Crossan, Mussa Cammerra, Alex Sternberg, and Thomas Carol.

Professor Visitacion Demonstration - Video
Added 9/29/2006 by Eric Moss
Old video of Professor Visitacion demonstrating the art he founded, Vee Jitsu.

Leg Catches by Cung Le - Video
Added 9/28/2006 by Eric Moss
Instructional video from Sanshou and MMA champion Cung Le. Covers catching front, side, and roundhouse kicks to various targets including the legs.

Grandmaster Hatsumi in Action - Video
Added 9/27/2006 by Eric Moss
Masaaki Hatsumi featured in a documentary about ninjutsu from the BBC.

Sumo Bout: Asashoryu vs. Kotonowaka '04 - Video
Added 9/21/2006 by Eric Moss
Yokozuna Asashoryu goes up against Kotonowaka, a much larger sekiwake, on day 8 at the Nagoya Basho in 2004. This bout has an incredible ending.

Bruce Lee Screen Test - Video
Added 9/13/2006 by Eric Moss
I believe this is footage from Bruce Lee's original screen test.

Aikido Demo - Video
Added 9/7/2006 by Eric Moss
Excellent video that begins with footage of Aikido's founder Morihei Ueshiba. Also includes demonstrations of jo and tameshigiri techniques. Shows a mizu gaeshi cut, where the target is cut then the cut piece is cut again before hitting the ground

Parkour in Russia - Video
Added 9/5/2006 by Eric Moss
Do not try this at home. Some of the best Parkour footage I've seen.

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176-200 of 256 articles

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